Selection of battery vehicles

Battery vehicles are actually those vehicles which uses chemical energy stored in batteries as a fuel. If you Ask “Should I get a vehicle with a battery like a prius or tesla?” the answer is “yes , Of course you can…!!”  According to research of the day and your Mechanic, it will not be long before there could be a shortage of petrol , to avoid this shortage the technology of cars and other transport vehicles is changing day to day , there are many cars that use battery as a fuel. Some of these battery vehicles are listed below:

  1. Kewet Buddy: This vehicle has a of top speed 80 km/h. Have capacity of 3 (adults). It’s charging time is 6-8 hours and it’s nominal range is 40-80 km.
  2. Mia Electric: This vehicle has a of top speed 100 km/h. Have capacity of 1 to 4 (adults). It’s charging time is 3 to 5 hours and it’s nominal range is 125 km.
  3. My Car: This vehicle has a of top speed 64 km/h. Have capacity of 2 (adults). It’s charging time is 5-8 hours and it’s nominal range is 64-110 km.
  4. QBeak: This vehicle has a of top speed 90 km/h. Have capacity of 4 (adults). It’s charging time is 8 hours and it’s nominal range is 250 km.
  5. Rayttle E28: This vehicle has a of top speed 80 km/h. Have capacity of 2 (adults). It’s charging time is 6-8 hours and it’s nominal range is 130 km.
  6. Mahindra e2o: This vehicle has a of top speed 82 km/h. Have capacity of 4 (adults). It’s charging time is 5-6 hours and it’s nominal range is 80 to 120 km.
  7. Steven Zecar: This vehicle has a top speed of 90 km/h. Have a capacity of 5 (adults). It’s charging time is 6-8 hours and it”s nominal range is 80 km.

Now, as you consider if you should i get a vehicle with a battery like a prius or tesla, you can refer to the above list some of the city range battery vehicles , now it’s up to you which you chose according to you interest and needs.

Trucks with good gas mileage

Trucks are a kind of functional vehicles that offers ample room and power for hauling a large amount of cargoes and goods from one destination to another in an efficient manner. These trucks are also very fuel efficient for delivering mileage but it is important to look for trucks with good gas mileage as it can help in incrementally increasing the fuel economy.

Your Mechanic will tell you that the following trucks get good gas mileage:

Nissan Frontier is one of the most popular trucks among people who are looking for more powerful and bigger engines that helps in greater hauling and towing. It is a compact truck with good gas mileage, two cab configurations and five trim levels that offers the best power to the truck.


Ford F-150– this is a lightweight truck that is made with lighter aluminum rather than steel which is beneficial in terms of payload capacity and fuel economy. Moreover the panels of this truck is surprisingly resilient and best in its class as it is firm to drive as it is a top selling truck of Ford that comes with twin turbocharged engine that offers 375 pounds feet of torque, 8500 pounds towing capacity and 325 horsepower.

Toyota Tacoma is a mid-sized truck offered by Toyota which is considered to be the best selling model that comes with 265 pounds feet of torque and 278 horsepower. This truck is equipped with Tow package for towing up to 6,800 pounds for an enhanced driving, towing and hauling experience.


Chevrolet Silverado  is known as a full sized pickup truck that can also be used as a hauler which comes with three bed lengths, three cab configurations, eight trim levels, three engines and multitude of options, packages and appearance. It is a powerful truck that helps in hauling of a large amount of cargoes and it is a fuel efficient vehicle.


Check out this video on How to improve fuel economy.

How To Avoid Auto Repairs

One of the challenges of car ownership is vehicular accidents. You may never have an accident, but you won’t avoid vehicle maintenance. Your best strategy is to avoid the necessity for costly auto repairs. Technology has transformed businesses in many ways, including the automotive industry. The internet makes it easy for you to look online for reviews and auto repair shops in your area

If you think you have found a car service center that you like such as, always schedule a visit for a small maintenance task first, such as an oil change or tire rotation. If you are pleased with the job, then you can most likely trust them for major repairs later on. If possible, avoid choosing an auto service center on the spur of the moment. It is easier to overlook small details that can add up to big costs when making a last minute decision. Here are some tips that will help you avoid those major auto repairs.

  • Oil change: This is a very important matter for all car owners. The car should be scheduled for a regular oil change to minimize engine wear and maintain good performance.
  • Check the filters of your car: Have the air filter inspected as you change the oil of the car. Have other filters inspected?
  • Inspect the brake system regularly: This will help prevent your car from recurrent damage. Worn brake pads can lead to damaged rotors, which will need machining or replacement. Change the brake pads before that begins.
  • Always check the wheels of your car before traveling: Proper tire inflation is required for the best handling of your vehicle some accidents could be avoided with proper handling characteristics.
  • Ensure that belts and hoses are in a good condition: Cracked radiator hoses can lead to unexpected, sudden coolant loss and overheating. Expensive auto repairs can result from such overheating.

Car owners should keep in mind that auto repair is expensive, and you cannot be sure that the car repair shop is reliable in repairing your car. Avoid vehicular accidents. Always remember, accidents happen when you least expect them. Hence, it is important to be extra cautious when driving.

Cheapest Cars To Maintain

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to pay next to nothing for their car insurance while others sacrifice an arm, a leg and 30% of their paycheck just to go to work? There are many, many factors that go into determining the cost of your car insurance, but choosing from the list of cheapest cars to maintain will go a long way toward making sure your premiums stay reasonable.

Where do you go do find the cheapest cars to maintain? Visit Website to find out more.  The same place your insurance provider does-The Highway Loss Data Institute. While every car’s history is determined by the person that was driving, there are some cars that just attract trouble. For example, did you know that the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic are on the list of cars statistically most likely to be ripped off?

The losses reported due to theft, medical payments, comprehensive and collision insurance and liability to insurance providers from coast to coast are reported to the HLDI, who compiles all the data and issues an annual report showing which cars are the most dangerous to have out on the highways (statistically speaking) and which ones are going to cost less. The cheapest cars to maintain the ones who cost insurance providers the least amount of money in claims each year.

What are the cheapest cars to maintain? Here’s what the statistics have to say about today’s 2005-2007 car models.

Four Door Mini Models

1) Hyundai Accent
2) Kia Rio

Four Door Small Models

1) Toyota Prius
2) Honda Civic
3) Honda Civic Hybrid
4) Saturn ION
5) Neon Versa
6) Toyota Corolla
7) Nissan Versa Hatchback

Four Door Midsize Models

1) Saturn Aura
2) Hyundai Sonata
3) Volkswagon Passat
4) Subaru Legacy 4WD
5) Honda Accord
6) Honda Accord Hybrid
7) Mercury Milan

Two Door Mini Models

1) Mini Cooper Convertible
2) Toyota Yaris

Two Door Small Models

1) Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible
2) Volkswagen New Beetle
3) Chrysler PT Cruiser
4) Saturn ION Quad Coupe
5) Ford Focus

Two Door Midsize Models

1) Toyota Camry Solara Convertible
2) Toyota Camry Solara
3) Pontiac G6
4) Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Where does your car rate? More importantly, where does your dream car rate? No one’s going to walk into a car lot with visions of cheap car insurance dancing in their head and walk past the car they’ve been dreaming of for years. The list of cheapest cars to maintain isn’t a one size fits all model, so it’s important to understand what makes every make and model cheaper-even if you’re hopping behind the wheel of a Lamborghini (statistically one of the most expensive cars on the market to maintain).

The key to success is minimizing the amount of money your insurance provider is likely to have to pay out in the long run. Safety features like air bags and anti-lock brakes and security features like car alarms, fuel switches and GPS locators are going to go a long way toward making your car safer to drive-and therefore safer (and cheaper!) to maintain!

Car insurance might not be the first thing on your mind when you’re car shopping, but it shouldn’t be the last either. Don’t forget to do your homework before signing on the dotted line